W Korea Takes My Side, Fixes Demi Moore’s

Right when you thought (hoped) this whole thing was over, something comes along that, as the Jerky Boys would say, puts a whole different paint job on things. I was back in Maine for Christmas (and of course, holding my breath for an apology and retraction from Demi Moore and her legal team), just hanging out with my Mom and her cat – and in came a cameraphone tip from halfway ’round the world. [Thanks, Joe!] Well, the January 2010 issue of W Korea just hit the newsstands (with the ironic subtitle “Women in Full”).

Unsurprisingly, they decided to use the excellent Mert & Marcus shot of Demi Moore. But very surprisingly, they installed a new hip on Demi. So: even W‘s sister publication thought the image looked weird enough to fix.

W Korea, January 2010

W Magazine Korea, January 2010

This raises a few serious questions for Martin Singer, his client, and W: did W‘s Korean team add in a fake hip because they just kinda thought it looked awkward? (Y’know, like I did, before you attacked, discredited, and threatened to sue me?) Or did they merely reveal a hip that was already there, but that Singer, et alia litigiously denied had been accidentally obliterated?

If it’s the former: are Singer, Moore et alia now going to pursue legal action against W Korea? By retouching the image’s supposedly “genuine representation” of her “absolutely not retouched” hip, did W Korea imply the same things Singer claims I did (but which, of course, I didn’t)?

If it’s the latter: who was aware of this? If Mr. Singer and Ms. Moore were aware, this raises some rather serious legal questions. Regardless of it being the dumbest argument ever, some very serious core principles are in play.

Anyway, to my eyes, the W Korea image looks great – it’s a beautiful cover, and anatomically correct! If I’d seen this image in W‘s December advance, I never would have said a thing – except, perhaps, “nice work!” (And, had I not been threatened with a lawsuit, I surely would never have noticed the deformed thumb.)

My attempts to secure comment from the W Korea editorial team were (of course) unsuccessful.

[Update 1, 8:45 AM: fixed cover image now available on W Korea’s web site.]

[Update 2, 10:15 AM: The volume of angry email I woke up to this morning has astonished me. People, think about this: I pointed out a blooper & was threatened with legal action for doing so. Now the basis for that threat is totally blown away by W’s own sister publication. What would you do? This isn’t about a hip, it isn’t about retouching (I do not object to retouching at all – I do it very frequently), and it isn’t about Demi Moore. It’s about my reputation – and the rights of all bloggers to express themselves without being bullied with threats to their livelihood. Please consider this before writing to tell me how stupid/obsessed/vicious I am.]

[Update 3, 11:45 AM: Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing brilliantly explains why this is important and why you should care.]

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    1. It’s very hard to know what to make of why this has happened. The whole debacle is unfathomable, and this latest twist is particularly vexing. It raises so many more questions about the whole issue of the original photo, what the editorial decision-making is based on and why no-one in Ms Moore’s camp seems to be working to help her manage her image.

      I can not even imagine what the next part of this sorry affair will be.

      Of course, in the meantime, you still have this ridiculous legal bluster hanging over you. The sooner they apologise and let the thing drop, the better.

    2. With the print run of the newer Korean cover the accusations towards you are finally in the “LOL” department! :-) The US cover version is clearly an accident of poor photo editing or more likely a block of white “forgotten” in the cover layout process. I am sure the Korean version is the photo as it was taken, that looks a hell of a lot more natural and “real”. And better.

      Good luck to the legal accusations being dropped pronto, it’s ridiculous to accuse you of anything when they clearly screwed up.

    3. by Mandy

      It is kind of ridiculous when you can not comment on a public picture of a celebrity with out being theatened with a law suite. If she was thinner in the other picture than this one, it seems odd they would to make her look anorexic. Just try to hang in there with it. Obviously there is something not quite right with one of them. So they can take you to court all they want, but it isn’t going to change the facts.

    4. by Jordan arthur

      Case in point.
      Now time for “the apology”? I really wouldn’t hold my breath, but stranger things have happened. Like an observation and comment leading to all this…?

    5. I’d never heard of you before today. Don’t take it personally – I’m not that tuned into the Hollywood environs. But I’m certainly going to remember you, now, because you’re a man after my own heart. I am filled with admiration for you, for having the courage to take a stand on your convictions. God bless you, and a Happy New Year to you.

      • by Mary Andrews

        moi aussi. we all saw what you did anthony. you were right. you have rights. i hope this lawyer, his firm, and demi, along with w mag mostly, all man up and tell the truth…or the best version of the truth aka legalese that they can give the public.

        • by Becca Norman

          Ditto from me, you have a new fan. The saddest part of this is (vs. the angriest part which would be all the legal posturing) – I think she look vastly better with a hip, and would look even better than this if the waist hadn’t been nipped in. She is lovely and looks healthy and attractive with *all* her curves.

    6. by Demidog

      Didn’t Demi Moore make some ridiculous claim that she has never had plastic surgery? No surprise that she hires a lawyer that makes equally ridiculous claims against you for posting the truth.

    7. by Good Man

      Good job. The more peple who stand up to unjustifiable legal threats the fewer of those threats there will be.

    8. by Jeff

      Just to be clear, Anthony has not been sued. He has only been threatened and bullied. The publication of the Korean version of this photo is certainly providing Anthony with evidence supporting his initial claim, if this issue were to ever make it into a court of law.

    9. by Jeff

      You sir, are a courageous man. It may not mean anything practically, but you have my full support and admiration. What I love about your posts isn’t just that you’re *right* about this, but that you are so civil about it. You are clearly writing from a place of compassion for W, Ms. Moore, the photographers, the retouchers, and pretty much everyone except the legal beagles. You’re a good person and I wish you all the best.

    10. by todd

      Stand tall Anthony , you’re opinion is vindicated by the evidence.

      This may have been mentioned but I’d offer that you are now caught in the crossfire of a very private fight between the lawyers of Demi Moore, her agents, W publishers, and the photogs agents. If Moore’s agents can show public ridicule they’d have a stronger hand against the actions of the errant production point responsible. And shooting the messenger with the least legal counsel of all is a simple and effective way to raise the public awareness.

    11. How quickly we forget that our forefathers and our nation’s founders fought and died for the right to speak freely and openly. Our first amendment (made first on purpose) states the rights of Americans clearly. Don’t lawyers ever realize how un-American they are when they try to muzzle the truth? Don’t they know what America is all about? Thanks for your stand-up!

    12. by Trixie

      It is so bizarre that they would come unglued in regard to the erasure of hip, when her entire face and body have been so smoothed over and “fixed” that she appears to glow. Gee, everyone knows that women of any age or size are not beautiful enough to be shown in truth, only if you smooth out our faces, remove lines, and hack away at our hips, and enhance our busts, do we become worthy of selling products. Good for you in this fight… how ridiculous it al is.

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    15. by Mindy

      I am with you I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this story on Yahoo. What a disgrace.

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