This is my photography bio - more of an artist's statement. If you'd rather, see my professional bio. My photography portfolio covers fashion photography, beauty photography, editorial, commercial, celebrity, travel, and even breaking news photography - but my primary focus is beauty and fashion photography.

I love creating bold, colorful, sensual imagery that tells a story. I am synesthetic and aspire to create images that evoke multiple senses, are edgy, psychedelic and hyperreal. On one hand, my photography is a medium to show others how I see the world. On the other, it lets me help others showcase their world. We each have our own unique way of seeing; so, the true experience of an image - as with any art form - is equal parts observer and observed.

I have worked for / been published in: TIMEDazed & ConfusedIn Style944, Audi, Associated Press, the New York TimesWashington Post, and the Wall Street Journal - and have more than 100 additional print credits. I have worked with modeling agencies Elite, Ikon, Nyx, and more. I have shot under (and learned a lot from) fashion photographers and friends Richard Warren, Chung Lee, and many others whose excellence I aspire to.

There are surprisingly few fashion and beauty photographers in Los Angeles, but I love this place - and have wonderful shooting space at my home in the Venice Beach district of Los Angeles. I can also easily shoot on location.

If you're an editor, fashion designer or agency director with a project in mind: I have a great network of stylists, makeup artists, and agency models and can pull together whatever and whoever you need. I'm a cool guy and very easy to work with. Since I have a parallel business life, I'm generally much more interested in creative expression than I am in money. A great concept and superior talent is far more likely to move me than your budget. Having said that, please understand that this means I'm flexible, not cheap.

Please contact me - let's shoot!


Photo: Asa Mathat

Photo: Asa Mathat